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Sinoma Energy Conservation Signs Philippine APO Cement Waste Heat Power Generation Investment Project of CEMEX Group

          Source: CNBM

                  Date: Mar 25, 2017

On 23 March, Sinoma Energy Conservation and APO Cement Corp, a subsidiary of CEMEX Group in the Philippines, entered into a waste heat power generation investment contract in Tianjin. Vice general manager of China National Building Material Group Huang Anzhong attended the signing ceremony. Chairman of Sinoma Energy Conservation Zhang Qi and president of the subsidiary of CEMEX Group in the Philippines Pedra Jose Palomino signed the contract on behalf of their companies respectively. General manager of the International Cooperation Department of China National Building Material Group Li Zhiwei, president of Sinoma Energy Conservation Hu Yeming, secretary of the party committee Liu Xide, energy planning and development manager of CEMEX Group Lucia, and energy director of the Philippines Eduardo attended the signing ceremony.

Huang Anzhong offered his congratulations to the successful signing of the contract between Sinoma Energy Conservation and the subsidiary of CEMEX Group in the Philippines, and introduced the status of reorganization of CNBM and Sinoma as well as the business development of China National Building Material Group. Since China National Building Material Group and CEMEX Group are both world-renowned building materials enterprises and member enterprises of Cement Sustainability Initiative, he hopes that both parties can enhance communication, expand cooperation fields, and achieve win-win development in the future and requested that Sinoma Energy Conservation should do well the project in accordance with international standards, prudently carry out overseas investment project in the field of its principal business, further expand international cooperation fields and space, and improve its competitive strength in international market. 

Pedra Jose Palomino expressed his gratitude to China National Building Material Group and Sinoma Energy Conservation for their long term support and help, and fully recognized advanced craftsmanship and technology, high quality project construction and efficient operational management of Sinoma Energy Conservation. He said that the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainable development of energy is the common pursuit of the subsidiary of CEMEX Group in the Philippines and Sinoma Energy Conservation and believes that the cooperation of APO project is bound to reduce energy cost of cement production lines, and reach expected goals of both parties.  

The waste heat power generation investment project is the second cooperation between both parties after the successful implementation of the SOLID waste heat power generation project. The SOLID project started power generation at the end of March 2015. It has been running well in the past two years with good technical indexes. It meets 25% of power demands for cement production lines, and reduces nearly 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission annually. The contract signing for the APO waste heat power generation investment project symbolizes that the cooperation between both parties has entered into a new phase. Sinoma Energy Conservation will give full play to its advantages in capital, technology, equipment manufacturing, engineering management, and operational management, accelerate the construction of the project, and achieve expected economic and technical indexes as soon as possible.

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