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Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd was Awarded EPC Contract on Cogeneration Projects for two Pakistan Cement Companies

Source: Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd

Date: Dec 1, 2016

Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd has just received letter of acceptance from FAUJI and ASKARI cement companoes for EPC contract on cogeneration projects of the two companies. FAUJI and ASKARI cement companies are owned by Pakistan FAUJI Military Foundation. The two projects will use residual heat from FAUJI and ASKARI’s cement producing line (daily capacity for FAUJI cement producing line is 3500 tons and for ASKARI is 3700 tons) to build cogeneration plants with an installed capacity of 9 MW and 7.5 MW respectively.

FAUJI Foundation can track back to 1942 when British India established a military rebuilding foundation. It is a welfare foundation specially for the post-war welfare and rehabilitation for ex-military men and their family members. Number of beneficiary of this foundation accounts for 7% of Pakistan’s total population. Besides cement, the foundation also invested in fertilizer, power, oil, gas and finance.

Since entering into Pakistan market in 2007, Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd has successfully built 6 cogeneration plants and 3 captive power plants. Benefits from presence in regional market are gradually emerging. All those projects are now in normal conditions. With reliable equipment quality, stable system, timely and good service, CTIEC has received owners’ compliment and favorable comments.

The two projects represent a CTIEC’s further extension in Pakistan’s traditional cement cogeneration market. CTIEC will actively take part in “one belt, one road” building. It will not only expand cogeneration market for which CTIEC enjoys a traditional advantage, but will also spare no effort exploring in sectors like renewable fuel power plant and small and medium captive power plant for industry enterprises to realize economic benefits and make new contributions to Pakistan’s social-economic development and the deepening of Sino-Pakistan friendship.


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