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BNBM Homes Poses at the 8th CIHIE

Source: BNBM

Date: May 16, 2016

On May 13, the 8th CIHIE was held in Guangzhou. BNBM Homes participated in the event to exhibit the multi-ribbed thin-wall steel skeleton houses, which represent the world’s advanced technology of light steel house, to China and foreign countries.

With the help of the dry process and the convenient and efficient erection technology, BNBM Homes built up the houses in no more than 2.5 days. Thousands of visitors were attracted by the houses on the 1st day of the exhibition. They asked detailed questions about characteristics, construction cost, applicability and after-sales service of new-type house, and highly praised the concepts concerned (green, environmental friendliness, recyclability). They said, BNBM Homes would be their first choice for house building. Furthermore, the houses were paid attention to and reported by media.

The government work report published during the NPC & CPPCC this year clearly expressed the requirement of pushing the development of green buildings and prefabricated buildings. Given this, transformation and upgrade of the building industry are extremely urgent, and the field of steel structure building is facing an unprecedented opportunity. BNBM Homes will seize the historic opportunity, and make greater contributions to the development of green buildings and prefabricated buildings.


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