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The 24th International Congress on Glass Successfully Held in Shanghai

 Source: CNBM

Date: April 12, 2016

From April 8 to 11, the 24th International Congress on Glass was successfully held in the Shanghai International Conference Center at Lujiazui of Pudong District. Over 800 glass science & technology (S & T) workers from 33 countries attended this congress and discussed latest research results and the future development trend of glass S & T.

The International Congress on Glass is a grand gathering, which is called “Olympic Congress” of the glass industry. The Chinese glass industry has gradually won international recognition and increasing international influence. As a result, this grand congress came to China again after 21 years. China Association for Science and Technology sent congratulations to the congress. Zhang Endi, vice chairman of Shanghai CPPCC, attended this congress on behalf of Shanghai municipal government. National Natural Science Foundation of China also paid attention to and supported this grand gathering.

China Association for Science and Technology warmly congratulated the opening of this congress, with the letter of congratulation telling that International Commission on Glass gathered best brains of the glass industry, guiding the development of world glass industry. It is also hoped that under the guidance of International Commission on Glass, scientists in the glass industry can work together and learn from each other to make greater contributions to the development of glass industry and the welfare of human beings.     

On behalf of Shanghai municipal government and Shanghai people, Zhang Endi gave warm welcome to all the scientists on the spot. He said that these scientists are the leading talents in the international glass industry, who promote sci-tech communication and talent exchange, thus making great contributions to the progress of glass industry. Shanghai is now establishing a globally influential innovation centre for science and technology. It needs to draw experience from international practice for the sake of better development. He expected that specialists and scholars in this industry can strengthen the Sino-foreign cooperation so that international glass technology can be developed, improved, and innovated.

In order to honor the great contributions made to Chinese as well as international glass technology, members in the International Commission on Glass voted to grant Peng Shou, former president of International Commission on Glass, the consultant committee chairman of International Commission on Glass, general manager of Triumph Group, and Chairman of CTIEC, the “Lifetime Achievement Award as President of International Commission on Glass”, which has also been granted to other traditional glass Powers such as America and Japan.

There were 8 session discussions, 87 invited lectures, 318 general oral reports, and 103 poster papers on this congress. The speakers included Professor Russell (director of Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (MPG) and the “ father of the photonic crystal fiber”), professor Dianov (academician of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)and inventor of Bi-doped fiber laser), Professor Gan Fuxi (academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Professor Peng Shou (director of National Key Laboratory of Float Glass Technology, and other famous scholars and business people both at home and abroad


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