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Song Zhiping Visited CNBM Avancis in Germany

Source: CNBM

Date: June 16, 2015

On June 9-11, CNBM Chairman Song Zhiping headed a delegation to make the study visit to Germany. In the period, Song Zhiping and the delegation visited the CIGS Thin-film Solar Energy R&D Center of CNBM Avancis in Munich and its production facility in Torgau of Saxony. Also the delegation paid a visit to the Intersolar in Munich and met with the Governor of Saxony and representatives of the Saxony Government. CNBM Chief Accountant Wu Jiwei and Chairman Peng Shou of CTIEC accompanied Mr. Song Zhiping in the visit.

At the R&D Center, Song Zhiping talked with the researchers to understand the history and current research emphasis of CIGS thin-film technologies, focusing on the new technology breakthroughs in conversion efficiency and manufacturing cost. Song Zhiping gave praise and encouragement to the research efforts and results while proposing the long-term strategic vision that stimulated the innovative and entrepreneurship passion of the researchers.

At the production facility, Song Zhiping, accompanied by CNBM Avancis CEO Franz Karg and CTO Jorg Palm, studied how well the facility production was restored while getting to know the technical processes on the production line and paying salute to the production-line workers. According to Song Zhiping, CNBM purchase of Avancis and the subsequent efforts in regrouping it and restoring the production have instilled new dynamics into Avancis. It also strongly proves the Sino-German friendship and cooperation in the economy and technologies. In the next 5 years, CNBM aims to expand its global production capacity of CIGS thin-film solar battery to 15GW. To realize this grand goal, CNBM needs the support of all Avancis employees. He hoped everyone could work hard together to create the brighter future.

At the Intersolar in Munich, Song Zhiping paid salute to the staff working in the booth of CNBM Avancis, witnessed TUV granting certificate to Avancis, and met with the important clients and world-famous equipment partner. In these meetings, Song Zhiping proposed the philosophy of innovative thinking while putting forward and explaining the concept of Photovoltaic+, to be specific, on the basis of ground power station, we cannot only develop integration of photovoltaic buildings, but also push forward combined development of photovoltaic and new-type houses. More importantly, it is imperative for CNBM to promote combination between photovoltaic and agriculture, e.g. development of photovoltaic greenhouses and fishpond light complementary applications, etc.

When meeting with the Governor and representatives of Saxony Government in Dresden, the capital city of Dresden, Song Zhiping said, Saxony is the important place of new-energy technologies and relevant industries. CNBM Avancis CIGS Thin-film Battery Production Facility and CNBM CTF CdTe Research Department are both located in Saxony. In the future, CNBM will work hard to develop it into the demo base of thin-film battery R&D and manufacturing. Besides, Song Zhiping also introduced the plan of CNBM to expand its solar energy thin-film battery production capacity in the world while inviting the Saxony governor to visit the head office of CNBM in Beijing.


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