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PNG PM Mr. Somare Meets with Song Zhiping


On September 14, Michael Somare, prime minister of Papua New Guina (PNG), met with Song Zhiping, chairman of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM), at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. The two sides had a luncheon and exchanged views on cooperation in a friendly atmosphere.
Song considered Somare’s visit to be of great importance to the friendship between the two sides, saying that CNBM had been developing in PNG for nearly two decades, the two sides had established a friendly and reciprocal partnership, and CNBM would continue to intensify business development in PNG and actively explore cooperation in fields such as cement production, house building and processing trade.
Somare spoke highly of CNBM’s brilliant achievements in PNG, stressed that CNBM had made a remarkable contribution to promoting PNG’s economic development, tackling the employment problem and creating a harmonious society, extended heartfelt thanks to CNBM on behalf of the PNG government, invited CNBM to explore cooperation in more fields such as house building and cement, and pledged to continue to support CNBM.

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