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CNBM Released Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the First Time

On September 20, China National Building Material Group Corporation (CNBM) hosted a news conference for CNBM’s First Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report in Beijing, officially releasing its 2009 CSR Report, which was also the first CSR released by a central enterprise in China’s building material industry.
CNBM’s first CSR report, based on the characteristics of the building material industry, systematically illustrates CNBM's concept of responsibility, reviews the experience obtained from the intensive and emission-reducing development road with high benefits and low emission of the cement and glass industry by energetically developing energy-saving new building materials, new types of residence and new energy materials under the low-carbon development concept, and systematically summarizes the performance practices in 2009. 
According to the report, in 2009, the group company realized operating income of 81.6 billion Yuan, tax of 4.3 billion Yuan and total profit of 3.9 billion Yuan, as far as performance of its economic responsibility is concerned, continually maintaining steady and fast development. In performing environmental responsibility, the group company actively responded to the national policies, resolutely eliminated backward production capacity, replaced inventory production capacity with highly efficient and environment-friendly modern large facilities, and realized process upgrading by ever-increasing investment. In performing social responsibility, the group company actively participated in social welfare and centralized community promotion activities, improved recognition and understanding to the new products, new technologies and new industries by the general public, popularized safe, energy-saving and environment-friendly green development concept of building materials, promoted application of energy-saving and environment-friendly products and technologies, and created harmonious social and community environment, thus contributing to the development of harmonious society.

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