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CNBM Awarded Enterprise with Excellent Performance by SASAC

On July 23, SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) under the State Council held competent person meeting of central enterprises and SASAC director and party secretary announced the examination results of operating performance of the competent persons of the central enterprises in 2009 and the second tenure. The group company won two Grade A and one Enterprise with Excellent Performance awards, the second time since 2008 for the group to enter Grade A enterprise list. Meanwhile, the group was also listed in Grade A enterprise in terms of its examination results for the second tenure and as one of the 35 central enterprises, the group was awarded Enterprise with Excellent Performance for the second tenure. On the meeting, Director Li Rongrong pointed out: “CNBM tries hard to promote the administrative integration in restructuring, clear-cut function of organizational structure, system optimization, and tutoring system, and thus improving integration efficiency,” highly affirming the administrative integration efforts practiced by the group in recent years. 


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